I was scared of fat for a while.

On my body, in my food, whatever.  The food fat fear stemmed from my terrible body image and that spurred the logic that "eating fat makes you fat," right?


I am so so SO glad to have learned better and I am healthier than ever now that I know how to fuel my body with the ultimate source: high-quality fats.  So, when I got to meet the lovely people of Fatworks at Paleo f(x) 2016, I was stoked to find a company that feels the same way.

Just check out their about page: it's got a short summary of the company, but even the "fat" version is a great & quick read to tell you what I try to tell people when they worry about the higher calorie intake that comes with more fat.  Eating real food naturally increases fat and calories.  But your body thanks you with increased (and sustained) energy, a leaner physique, and boosted mood that comes with overall better health.  The people of Fatworks found this key, so they wanted to make us all copies to unlock our own success stories.

Enter their products.

Fatworks offers premium grass-fed beef and buffalo tallow, pastured pork and leaf lard, grass-fed lamb lard, and cage-free duck fat.  The only reason the duck fat is not also wild duck is because the production demand for it was too high for the company to reach, so they had to find the most humane and healthy option that could also fill their orders.  They fully disclosed this to me when I purchased about it - they understand that not everyone likes the "cage free" label.  But I DO want to note that cage free standards for duck farms are higher than chicken farms (no hormones or antibiotics!), and Fatworks is the only company to use its advanced filtering system to ensure purity.

After purchasing some fats from them at Paleo f(x), I was asked to review a jar of the beef tallow.  Uhm, of COURSE!  I went home that weekend thinking of what I could use it for in my cooking in the week before leaving the country for 2 months.  What I created would NOT disappoint!

The tallow is super easy to work with.  It's different if you're used to olive oil or coconut oil because it has a more savory, and somewhat strong, flavor.  Plus it takes longer to melt, since it's an animal fat.  But it is definitely going to be a bigger staple in my diet, because the savory flavor it infuses to food can't be beat.  I can't wait to get back to Texas to make the legendary tallow fries once I have access to the tallow I have left!

What I was able to create while home was a kick-ass recipe for Firecracker Walnuts, which are a deliciously satisfying snack that don't take long to make and are great for those spicy cravings this Southern gal gets.  I then made myself stop scarfing those walnuts long enough to create another recipe with them: Firecracker Salmon.  Basically a crispy light show in your mouth.

So what do I think?

I think Fatworks is a great company that never compromises on its values or flavor.  They strive for and achieve production of high-end cooking fats that are also good for you.  And they tell it like it is!  That's something I appreciate now more than ever, after the truthfulness of these Italians.  The product is top-of-the-line, easy and fun to work with, and lasts a long while since you get a lot for what you pay for.  I really love what these guys are doing!

Rating: 10/10

If you would like to purchase some Fatworks Beef Tallow, click here.