Good health starts with food and movement.

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My Food Philosophy

Real, organic, and ethical foods are what I strive to consume in my daily life.  This is a key point for my nutrition clients as well, which you could easily get involved with by emailing  I strongly believe in the Paleo diet as a template to start from and then expanding from that to achieve optimal nutrition and performance.  The majority of my recipes fall into compliance with this dietary choice.  Vegetables are a center of attention and I strive to eat them at every meal.  Food allergen and tolerance testing, whether done on your own or via blood and DNA tests, is highly successful in helping to design your "personal food pyramid."  Through long bouts of figuring out my own tolerances, I now know that gluten-free grains are okay to include occasionally for myself and therefore this website include some recipes with them.  I can also handle full-fat grass fed cow and goat dairy, so I consume that regularly.  Legumes are a no-go for me, as well as egg whites.  My belief is that by treating your body well, it will return the favor through prolonged high quality of life.  Hopefully the recipes on this website will help you achieve your optimal wellness, too.


I have no problem being a self-proclaimed gym rat.  I think that strength training has benefits for everyone and try to include it for healthy, willing and able clients.  I've done anything from bodybuilding splits, to powerlifting, to AMRAP circuits.  I think HIIT workouts are the best form of cardio, mainly because steady state drives me up the wall.  However, I also realize that not everyone likes the same things as me.  I want to help get you the results you want, in a way that keeps you engaged and still meets your goals.  Email me at if you'd like more information on online or in-person training.

Amara sports drinks

Amara sports drinks

Product Reviews

This is where you can find my honest critiques about new books, products, and programs in the wellness industry.  I test whatever the review is about myself and then give you my feedback.  I love bringing new information about up-and-coming companies and authors to my readers, because we all work differently and so options for staying on track are a must!

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Wellness Blog

Basically, I want to help you.  I want you to feel better, move better, and live better.  You can do this and have F U N with it.  Your health is the reason you can do anything else; stop compromising it.  The blog portion of this site will discuss topics other than those listed above as extensions of life improvement.  I link to reputable sources when I feel it is needed to back the claims I make.  Because, after all, health no longer means the mere lack of disease.