The Benefits of De-structured Water & Redoxol H2

What is Redoxol H2?

I’ll cut to the chase: it’s a new magnesium supplement that’s designed to add more hydrogen to your water.

How does magnesium add hydrogen to your water?

When it’s in the form of magnesium hydride (1), it releases small little hydrogen bubbles when plopped in some water.  

This throws off the ratio of H2 molecules to O atoms in your water, which throws a little wrench in the entire structure. 

How water is ACTUALLY structured

So - did you know that water isn’t just a bunch of H2Os floating around, perfectly structured?

Of course it’s not, because chemistry can’t just be easy. If it were, our 5th grade understanding would be accurate in thinking that water actually looked like this:

Instead, water is actually this crazy conglomeration of H2 molecules and O atoms floating around, constantly swapping who’s in what molecule.

It’s an atomic swingers party in there.

On top of this atom-swapping, there’s also a polarity that is unique to water.

You know how a water droplet stays rounded on a flat surface? That’s because water is attracted to itself via hydrogen bonds. 

I know, so conceited.

These bonds aren’t as strong as molecular bonds, but they’re enough to keep water packed pretty tightly to itself. 

This results in large water mega-clumps that are made of multiple water molecules held together by these hydrogen bonds.

It looks kind of like this, but think of it with hundreds of molecules pulled to each other:

That said, there are certain structures of water that are easier for your body to process than others.

The benefits of H2 in your water

Here’s where extra H2 comes in.

By throwing off that H2 to O ratio in your water, the H2 helps de-structure all of those hydrogen-bonded clumps of water.

It offers those Os more options, breaking down the hydrogen-bonded clumps as well as the individual molecules.

And when you drink de-structured water, it’s WAY easier for your body to absorb in a timely manner.

Your body needs water for a multitude of things, including the ever important:

  • Cellular metabolism (burning energy)

  • Cellular respiration (“breathing”)

You know, only the two things that make it possible for every other function to happen.

Drinking de-structured water makes it a smoother process for those individual water molecules to enter the cells and do what they need to.

On top of that – H2 as a molecule is beneficial in itself.

The Health Benefits of Hydrogen (H2)

Hydrogen is always found in its small, molecular form of H2 in nature (4). 

This is because of the number of electrons an H atom has (only 1). Only having 1 electron in your “outer ring” of your electron cloud makes any atom extremely unstable, so 2 hydrogen atoms stuck together removes that instability. 

Nature always seeks homeostasis (5).

Anyway… since H2 is the smallest possible atom in the universe, it’s got some tricks up its sleeve in the body.

It can slip into cells much easier than larger molecules that are used more widely as antioxidants.  

And H2 is an antioxidant in itself, helping to mitigate the effects of free radicals in the body.

As a reminder, free radicals are byproducts of cellular metabolism and can make the body acidic when too many of them pile up at once in the blood stream.  

Antioxidants come in to save the day by neutralizing the effects of free radicals, which can include:

  • Faster cell aging

  • Slower workout recovery

  • Increased risk for disease

…and the list goes on from there.

Long story short: antioxidants are great, and H2 is a rock star because it’s smaller than everyone else.

How Redoxol H2 helps improve health

So, back to the product at hand.

Redoxol H2 is a great supplement option if you’re looking to get into de-structured water without buying a machine to do it.

It comes in small tablet form, stored in little bottles that are easy to throw in a gym bag, backpack, or laptop bag.

Redoxol H2 gets you a serving of magnesium to throw into your water, allowing a greater amount of H2 into it. It takes less than a minute to fizz into your drink and work its magic.

On top of the H2 that’s released from dissolving magnesium into your water, you’re also still ingesting magnesium! How cool is that?

This means you get to enjoy some of the benefits of magnesium, too, which include:

  • Better focus

  • Faster cognitive function

  • Improved sleep

Yeah, the “side effects” are great, too.

My review of Redoxol H2

So… what do I think of the product

I think it’s great. The tablets are easy to transport and affordable, making de-structured water more accessible to the masses who don’t own a machine that does it.  

The flavor is a *little* weird, but nothing outrageous. It just tastes like hard water to me – AKA high-mineral content water, which is technically what you’re making when you throw magnesium tablets into water.

If the flavor *really* bothers you, go ahead and mix these tablets with some clean electrolytes and you’ll be getting even more beneficial flavor and micronutrients in a single drink.

As for the texture: the “fizz” goes away after the tablet is dissolved. After that, it’s the same consistency as non-hydrogenated water.

Overall, I’d HIGHLY recommend you try out Redoxol H2 and see how refreshing it feels to drink water that works with your body. 

You’ll recover faster after those workouts, sleep better thanks to the magnesium, and might even experience some improved digestion.  

Grab your bottle of Redoxol H2 here and see for yourself how it changes your hydration!


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