It's no secret that I'm a major fan of Picnik here in Austin, Texas.  It was the first-ever all-Paleo cafe and I definitely have too many credit card restaurant points from eating there. 

However, I can't allow myself to be that lazy all the time.  Don't get me wrong, it's great to have someone else make your coffee once in a while. 

But I also can't afford that all the time.  And I just mentally don't like to not figure stuff out for myself.

So... I've been playing around with a few Picnik recipes. 

First up: The Candy Cane Mocha

This is a seasonal flavor that K I L L S me every time I have it.  So, since I have all of the listed ingredients on the menu... this was the first one attempted.

And it was actually pretty easy to nail!

My recipe for this bad boy uses the exact same ingredients they list on their menu, albeit I figured out the measurement ratios. 

The only thing I added that Picnik doesn't (unless you request it) is Reishi mushroom Elixir.

That being said... you can just omit that and I'd put some money on it that this is their recipe for their Candy Cane Mocha.


thin mint mocha

Thin Mint Bulletproof Mocha

Prep time: 10 minutes

Yield: 1 serving



  1. While brewing your coffee, throw all the other ingredients into a large cup or blender. (NOTE: If using an immersion blender, you're going for the large cup.  If you're using a Nutribullet or some other blender, put them in that.
  2. Pour the hot coffee in with the other ingredients.  
  3. Pulse with whatever blender you're using, on and off for about 30 second.  Pull the immersion blender out sometimes, if that's what you're using.  It'll foam things up!
  4. When it's blended uniformly and has the fluffy texture you like, remove from where you mixed the coffee and pour into a cup to serve.

8 oz brewed hot coffee of choice

1 Tbsp grass-fed butter

1 tsp MCT oil

1 tsp cacao powder

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp mint extract

1 packet Reishi Elixir*

Stevia, to taste (I use 3 small scoops of this kind)**

*Omit this for the exact list of ingredients that Picnik has on their menu

**Can also use maple syrup to taste, which is the "standard" at Picnik