(Otherwise known as Misty's Coffee)

Do you have any of those foods or drinks that just bring you to a certain place or situation ALWAYS?

Luckily, this is one of those... which is why I also call it "Misty's Coffee."

This is the recipe my friend, coworker, & mentor, Misty, makes whenever I go to her house.  Whether it's for fun or work, we've always got a pot of this in front of us on brewing its way to us.

Basically, this feels like a sweet treat that I know will lead to productivity... without the cost of mental fatigue from sugar or screwing up my health.

That's a pretty great deal!

MCTs, collagen, and stevia... what's so good about them?

So... a lot of these ingredients won't be found in your typical household.

But they're becoming more and more commonplace, so let's have a little chat about them.

MCT is short for medium-chain triglyceride.  In English, that means it's a really short chain of fatty acids when you look at the molecule compared to other fat molecules.

MCTs are most commonly derived from coconut oil when you find them in supplemental form. 

They are still a new discovery in nutrition science, but evidence is very strong that they help improve digestion. 

They also don't need to pass through the normal "circuitry" that other fats go through before you use them for energy, so these are absorbed straight into the brain and power it quickly & cleanly. 

The evidence that the brain runs mostly on fat is also extremely strong.  This means that the mental processing benefits are extremely great with consumption of MCTs.

For unflavored MCT oil, I use Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil.  This bottle lasts a long time and I know this brand has high standards for cleanliness of its products.

If you want some fun flavor in your MCT oil, go with Natural Force Vanilla MCT Oil.  Again, this company is very picky about the quality & efficacy of its ingredients.

Tell me more about collagen.

There's already an excellent blog post on here about the benefits of collagen, but if your'e new around here... I'm obSESSED with Vital Proteins collagen.

This particular recipe uses their Marine Collagen Peptides, which I've already swooned over in my review of many of Vital Proteins' products.  

But basically, it's freaking incredible and your hair/joints/skin/sleep/digestion will all thank you for supplementing regularly with collagen.

...and is stevia keto? It's sweet!

It's my pleasure to tell you that YES, stevia IS keto!

It's a non-glycemic sweetener derived from the stevia leaf - meaning it doesn't raise blood sugar (or render any calories) when eaten.

Some studies even suggest it improves insulin sensitivity.... meaning diabetics would likely benefit from some moderate consumption of stevia.

Not to mention the fact that it's 100x more sweet per teaspoon than sugar... so you need WAY less of it to get the same sweet bang for your buck.

This recipe uses liquid stevia, and measures in eye droppers.  But many of my other recipes use stevia in powder form, so they're pretty interchangeable in this recipe if you have one and not the other!

Let's make some keto coffee!

Thanks for indulging my questioner-personality type.  I always feel the need to answer some FAQs on "weird" recipes like this.

Also - this image is the iced version of this recipe.  Literally the only difference between hot and iced is how you serve it.  Pour it & drink it hot, or pour it over some ice to cool it down,  That's it.

But serving it iced makes it feel even more like a treat.

Now let's make some coffee, yeah?

Easy keto coffee

The Easiest Keto Coffee You'll Ever Make

Prep time: 5 minutes (including brewing the coffee)

Yield: 1 serving (easily multiplies)



  1. Brew your coffee according to your coffee maker's instructions. (Check out these options!)

  2. In a Nutribullet, with an immersion blender, or in another blender of choice - blend the coffee with the rest of the ingredients. BE CAREFUL - it's still hot coffee!

  3. Serve in a mug if it's hot, or over some ice in a mason jar if it's cold. The iced method makes it feel especially like a treat. ;)

8oz brewed organic coffee of choice

1-2 Tbsp MCT oil or Vanilla MCT Oil

1 scoop Vital Proteins Marine Collagen Peptides

1 eyedropper liquid stevia (adjust to taste - this makes it VERY sweet, like a dessert)