Full disclosure, I absolutely love this company and the owners are friends of mine. 

But that doesn’t mean I can’t show off the incredible products these guys have whipped up recently that have changed the game in their business!

The Backstory of SUPERSEED WELL

This company was founded in Austin, Texas by Lindsey and Daniel Crouch.  They are a husband and wife team who now also have 3 sons in their family, too.

Lindsey is the CEO and a professionally-trained chef.  Daniel is a personal trainer and nutrition coach who suffered from a slew of gut issues when he was younger.

He started experimenting with what made him feel bad and what was okay for him to eat.  To his (and Lindsey’s) dismay, he had quite a few food intolerances…

Gluten. Dairy. Soy. Nuts.

Cutting the first three in that list isn’t so bad – you’re basically just eating Paleo at that point.  But when you go nut-free on a Paleo diet, things get a little trickier.

Many food bloggers and food companies have created recipes that replace classic treat favorites (cookies, cakes, etc) for Paleo versions.  And almost all of them use almond flour as their base.

Not to mention Daniel’s blood sugar seemed to be very sensitive to starches, which is what the other nut-free companies were using as their flour at the time.

So, Lindsey took her kitchen skills and started experimenting. 

This was the birth of their Superseed Flour.

They blend 7 seeds together to create an incredibly nutrient-dense, high-fat, “slow-carb” flour that is truly one of a kind.  Many people say they crave it after trying it – not in a “I need sweets” way, just in a “this feels so good to my body” way.

After experimenting with different types of baked goods and products with their flour, SUPERSEED WELL realized that they had a one of a kind niche by making good-for-you sweets.

And so, the name Guitless Goodies was adopted and a bakery was born!

Not long after, they realized the seeds set them apart. So we’ve got one final name change and thus, SUPERSEED WELL is alive and… well! ;)

General review of the company: SUPERSEED WELL

I love that Guiltless Goodies truly cares about the health they’re bringing to families.  They always make sure to push the well-rounded nutrition of the products they create, and the family lives by what they preach.

This product is unique in many ways, but my personal past experience with binge eating has led me to really hone in on the fact that these are the only sweets – Paleo or not – that have ever actually kept me from wanting to binge on them.

Seriously, I used to be able to binge all day on ay sweets, whether they’re healthy or not.

But SUPERSEED WELL’s flour truly does satiate me and make me feel like I’ve just eaten a healthy meal, with all the enjoyment of a dessert.

That’s truly special to me and I’m so thankful to this company for that.

People who look to lose weight but still enjoy their food are able to do just that with this product – something my coaching clients love.

And if you’re staying well-hydrated, the fiber in all Guiltless Goodies products will keep that hunger satisfied perfectly.

Alright, enough of the dairy-free cheesy stuff.  Let’s look at each of their products.

Superseed Well Skinny Donuts

These are their most famous product, and for good reason.  It’s pretty unbelievable that they were able to create chocolate-covered donuts that don’t leave you feeling crappy.

But this product is for sure the one I crave the most, and enjoy regularly.  Like all SUPERSEED products, it’s high-fiber, high in healthy fat, has a decent amount of protein, and the rest of the carbs are “slow carb,” so I don’t feel my blood sugar spike.

With PCOS, that’s important to pay attention to.

Besides all the nutritional goodness packed into donut form, these things taste DELICIOUS!

The texture is different from your standard fluffy donut; it’s closer to a cake donut texture.  But I’m all about it!

If you’re looking for the best intro product to feeling that “good food craving” from this line, the Skinny Donuts would be my recommendation.

RATING: 10/10


Okay I know I just said that the Skinny Donuts are my favorite, but these take a close second.

They seriously are the best (heathy) cookie ever – sorry, y’all, mom’s not-so-healthy ones take the cake for best cookie ever. (Or do they take the cookie?)

But seriously, these don’t even taste healthy.  They’re sweeter than the donuts and they’re absolutely crave-able in the good way, too. 

If you’re looking for a “gateway” product to get started with this brand and/or healthy treats altogether, I’d start here

Especially if you’re coming from a Standard American Diet, the higher sweetness of this product means you’ll probably like these the most to start, and then enjoy the other products more once you’re not constantly eating too much sugar.

RATING: 9/10

SUPERSEED WELL Maple Glaze Donuts

This is their newest product launch, and it kind of blends the best of both the Skinny Donuts and the Best Cookie Ever.

These are sweeter than the Skinny Donuts, but they’re still donuts.  The swirled glaze instead of a hard chocolate shell changes the texture a bit and provides a nice nuance to the flavor of the cake donut.

If you’re a cinnamon fan, this one would be your go-to

RATING: 8/10

Guiltless Goodies Love Muffins

First of all, shout out to the clever name on these.  So dang funny – since many people have reported losing weight with these products!

These little guys are less sweet than any of the other products, but I really love the chocolate chips in them.  Apparently, this is also the product to try heated up, because those little chips melt just perfectly.

I like these for when I want a smaller snack that isn’t as sweet.  The Best Cookie Ever is a smaller serving than the donuts, too, but I’m so sensitive to sugar that it’s hard for me to have just one or two of them!

That’s why I tend to have the Love Muffins around more often than the cookies.  But that’s just a me thing!

Since these are a bit less sweet, people who are eating a Standard American Diet seem to like this product the least.  But I love the subtle sweetness of it and find it just perfect for that snacking I was talking about!

RATING: 8/10

Final words on SUPERSEED WELL: are they too good to be true?

They are absolutely too good, but they’re also true!

This is an incredible company to support, and they’re (rightfully) experiencing tremendous growth now that they’ve found their niche as a “supersede bakery.”

SUPERSEED WELL ships nationwide in the United States and you can check out their store locator to see if they’re sold at a retail location near you.

I highly recommend trying these guys out, because they’re truly changing the way baking is done!