If you haven't read the blog post I published last week about Rebounding for Lymphatic Health, click on that title and skim through it real fast.  Go on, I'll wait.

Go on.


Okay... done?  Sweet.  It was a short and sweet post that didn't lack details and credible sources, but I also didn't go on a complete rant like in my post about The Evil of Hunting.  Still not sorry about that one, either, though.

SO.  Since I've been bragging about the awesome things I've experienced from my own rebounding experience, it only makes sense that I point you in the direction to grab your own mini trampoline, yes?  I mean, I could be mean and not do that.  But I'm not going to not do that.  Still following?  Good.

photo via www.rebounderzone.com

photo via www.rebounderzone.com

Today I want to share a company with you by the name of Rebounder Zone.  They produce a variety of "rebounders" - AKA mini trampolines - to support lymphatic health and overall wellness.  I got my hands on one of their Needak Fold Hard Rebounder R04 models and wish I could say I immediately fell in love.  But I didn't, because big boxes holding things I need to put together scare me.  So it actually sat by my front door for a week before I even untaped it.

However, as soon as I overcame my irrational cardboard fears, I immediately laughed them off.  Lo and behold, there is NO assembly required with this rebounder!  I literally pulled it out of the box, all parts attached.  It simply needed to be unfolded it with the force of gravity, have the plastic pulled off, be straightened at the legs and BOOM.  It was all already attached and in working order.  Which, of course, made me feel bad about not having opened the box sooner.  Lessons learned, right?

Anyway, the rebounder came with specific instructions on "breaking it in," along with how to maintain its optimal working quality once you've begun frequent use on it.  This help packet also included a package of lubricant that contained enough salve for two uses - which means I don't need to purchase more for a while.  There was an instructional manual for different types of movements you can use to get you started with your rebounding: anything from jumping jacks to V-ups are a go on there!  It was nice to have these things to think about because I probably would have just straight jumped on it without making the aha! moment of "oh yes, there are other mobility things to be done here."  Now, I do anything from jumping as high as I can to running in place to flailing around while listening to Broadway tunes on it.  I live on a busy road in a house with lots of windows... I wonder what the neighbors think of my new pastime?

The company is also an incredible one to work with.  Leonard, the owner, is extremely nice and truly cares about helping his customers work out lymphatic issues with his products.  He believes in a holistic approach to wellness and often blogs about these things as well.  The way we actually first discovered each other was through his post, 10 Ways Rebounding Improves Your Lymphatic Health.  He made that awesome infographic and happened to stumble across my post about Skin Brushing & Why You Should Do It when looking for other ways to stimulate the lymph.  A slew of emails later, and I can say he's a genuine person who knows what he's doing with his product.  

These rebounders are quality-made, with longevity and safety in mind.  Rebounder Zone offers add-ons for their trampolines such as carrying bags that easily hold the folded up rebounders.  Which, let me say right now, is totally feasible because the actual rebounder doesn't take up much room AT ALL and can be forced into any corner that you so choose.  It's light, too, so carrying bags are a great call.  There are skirts that can be wrapped around the springs, which is especially useful if you have small children that don't want their fingers caught in the metal.  And there are even stability bar attachments that can be added to give extra support for getting on and off of the rebounder, plus maintaining balance throughout your jumping time.  Obviously, a lot of thought has gone into making this product as versatile as possible. 

If you haven't tried rebounding yet, I think it's a great and unique way for you get your body and your lymph moving.  It can be an excellent form of exercise, or something that just loosens you up and puts you in a good mood.  I know I'm substantially happier on the mornings I begin with ten minutes on my rebounder!  So, if you're considering making the jump (ha) into the world of rebounding, here's a sweet offer from Rebounder Zone

Get 10% off your total purchase at checkout when you enter the code FLAB2FITNESS

So, check out their site and see what rebounding can do for you and your health.