Okay, I realize I'm a little pretentious in naming this recipe in Italian, but I'm sentimental sometimes and this reminds me of the best latte (made with almond milk!) that I had in Florence.  It was at Ditta Artigianale on Via dei Neri, just up the road from my apartment on Via de' Benci.  I didn't even order it until my last few days there, when I decided to be oh-so-romantic and write a letter to my future self (to be opened when I graduate college in May).  Oh, and I wrote it using the calligraphy I'd learned there, with a fountain pen, on Florentine paper.  Sealed with a wax seal using my initials.  Yeah.  I know.

Enough of the reminiscing.  I brought a Moka back with me from Italy and I love making some espresso every now and then.  This is the cappuccino recipe that I've finally nailed, foam and all!  Plus, you might notice some gut-healing properties of it as well, thanks to the secret ingredient for the foam. ;)

Mandorle Cappuccino di Latte

i.e. Almond Milk Latte. :)

Prep time: 10 minutes   Yield: 1 cappuccino



  1. Brew espresso (I use a Moka) or coffee and bring almond milk to steaming, but not boiling, temperature on the stove.  
  2. Add gelatin, salt, and almond milk to a Nutribullet or other blender and pulse for about 10 seconds.  
  3. Pour espresso/coffee into the bottom of your mug.
  4. Using a spoon to hold back the foam in the almond milk, pour the non-foamy part of the milk on top of the espresso/coffee first.  Use the spoon to scoop out the foam and top the cappuccino last. 

1 cup almond milk (I recommend Califia Farms brand, if you don't make your own!)

1-2 shots of espresso (or about 1/4 cup hot brewed drip coffee, if no espresso maker)

1 scoop Vital Proteins Gelatin

1 pinch sea salt