I love me a good lemon-based dessert.  And as much as I love to indulge in a natural-sugar dessert from time to time, I've been experimenting with keto (low-sugar, high fat) treats more and more recently because any type of sugar just unleashes the beast in me.

Good excuse to avoid dessert.  Bad situation when I really, really want to indulge.  

Then these came along. 

I wanted to make an Easter treat, as I often provide the "healthy" dessert option for my family get-togethers.  And I've been failing miserably at lemon bars because apparently gelatin is a lot harder for me to handle than I thought.  And also... that's definitely not low-sugar.  

But I wanted a dang lemon dessert that didn't waste any more ingredients, so I played around with this idea and these little bites turned out even better than I'd thought!  They're full of healthy fats and leave you feeling satisfied, unlike sugar.  I'm definitely happy to indulge in these!

Lemon Butter Bombs

Prep time: 5 minutes   Cool time: 20+ minutes   Total time: 25 minutes

Yield: 24 pieces



  1. Melt the coconut butter and ghee using the method of your choice.
  2. Mix in the lemon juice and stevia with the melted coconut butter & ghee until all is evenly incorporated.
  3. Fill a mini cupcake mold with liners and pour the mixture evenly among ~24 liners.  
  4. Place the mold in the freezer until the "bombs" set and solidify.  
  5. Serve once solid and keep them in the freezer to store if uneaten.  But trust me... they'll be eaten!

1/2 cup coconut butter

1/4 cup Tin Star Foods Brown Butter Ghee

Juice of 2 lemons

Stevia extract powder, to taste (I used about 1 tsp for the whole thing)


The only complaint I have is that they're a little challenging to photograph, mostly because my mini cupcake tins were folding in on them!  No knock to the flavor, though. ;)