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Beautycounter is taking over the safe body and skin care industry, and for good reason! My face has never been clearer since switching to their makeup. They use a combination of natural and proven safe synthetic ingredients in their products, to bring us the first lab-tested safe beauty care that's also effective.  I use their makeup in daily life as well as for stage makeup.  


A small business out of San Diego has grown into a wonderful fuel and dessert source around the country!  They're my go-to for a refreshing snack or some sweet tooth satisfaction.  Though still only available in stores in the Southern California region, you can order them to be shipped to you by clicking on the picture or below.

Natural Stacks

Looking to up your mental performance game? Natural Stacks is my go-to nootropic company.  They are the only 100% open source supplement providers in the world - and their stuff SERIOUSLY works!  CILTEP is for increased mental performance and is their flagship product.  If you're looking to increase your cognitive performance... this is a great place to start.

Vital Proteins Collagen Protein

Collagen Protein is an incredible way to heal your gut, your joints, and your skin - as well as improving the thickness of hair.  I use it as a clean post-workout protein, as well as a "hold me over" drink in the middle of the day!