Galactic Hog Skins

by Barefoot Provisions

Welp, Barefoot Provisions has done it again with their peculiar taste for unique products of high quality!  This company usually works more as a one-stop shop for primal products made by other producers, but they occasionally make their own foods and wellness goodies from their brick and mortar as well.  This is one of those times, and boy you will NOT be disappointed!

Galactic Hog Skins are the mecca of pork rinds: tasty with a beautiful crunch.  But just talking about the flavor of these snacks would be an underrepresentation with what Barefoot Provisions has done with them.  Often viewed as a gas station staple, pork rinds have never been considered healthy.  They are often the trash from pork farms who want to make an extra buck, so they're sold to cheap manufacturers who fry them in unhealthy oils.  They are then tossed in God-knows-how-many preservatives and flavored with all sorts of gross fillers and low-quality seasonings.  So, the lovely people of Barefoot decided to change that stigma.

Cheap scraps from factory farms?  Let's replace those with the skins of pasture-raised, humanely-raised pigs.  Nasty preservatives and fake flavors?  Let's go with nutritional yeast and and an all-natural spice blend.  And why complicate things by cooking them in a different oil when pasture-raised pigs yield some fat of their own?  Fry it in high-quality pork lard.  Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, after all. 

The flavor pictured here is the Cheesy Queso Galactic Pork Rinds, but there are 4 others to make for a great range of options: Maple Bacon, Salt & Pepper, Salt, and BBQ.  I daresay that gives you an for everyone to enjoy!

From snacks to new recipes, these bites are versatile in the best way.  I think Galactic Hog Skins will be sticking around for a long time.  If you'd like to try them yourself, you can check them out here.  You'd better hurry, too - they keep selling out!