Look at the ingredients label of your "almond milk" right now.  Are almonds the first ingredient?  If not, you're getting jipped.  Sorry to burst your bubble.

There was a podcast I listened to a while back that said something along the lines of "one half gallon of major store brands' almond milk has about 7 almonds in it.  Total."  


Why are they upcharging it so much?  Oh, right, because they can.  I can understand the prices of major-brand almond milks if it were, in fact, mostly almonds.  Because almonds are unfortunately still a little pricey.  But 7 almonds per half gallon??  No.  And, just to further investigate, I asked Sarah Velasquez if this were true.  She said that commercial almond milks come out to being roughly 2% almonds.  

So, yes.

And Sarah would know better than most, since she took her anger at this situation out in the form of starting Dulcis Milks.

Oh, this company has my heart.

Not only is it a company local to Austin, Texas (AKA where I'm from & still currently live) but Sarah is a sweet soul who hand-makes each batch of milk because, as she puts it, "this is my passion and how I want to help people live better."  She realized the need for this product after completing a Whole 30® and experiencing the lack of clean options in the almond milk industry.  She follows an Ayurvedic eating style now, which is so cool in and of itself.  But that's a different topic. :)

Dulcis Milks works to use produce and ingredients sourced locally and ethically.  Sarah loves to support & promote female business owners and moms (and those who are both!) in any way she can.  This company is quickly growing to include more and more of that into the business. 

You can tell each bottle is made with love and compassion, with the first two ingredients listed as "almonds" and "filtered water" on all of the flavors.  The only other ingredients are the spices and a touch of honey.  No watered-down preservatives here!

All of this hype being said, let's get into the flavors, yes? :)

Golden Child

Guys, this stuff is real.  Like, the real deal.  The real deal, ya feel?

Sorry.  But I literally felt like I was on happy drugs when I drank this flavor!  The anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric are numerous, and Dulcis has done an excellent job of keeping this version of golden milk delicious by using chai spice flavors to bring out the sweet side of this super-spice.  Sarah even noted that she named the elixir "Golden Child" because it's golden milk that tastes like chai.  Pretty witty, honestly.

But all that aside, this stuff is delicious and I'm officially addicted.  If you get nothing else out of this review, take this: try the Golden Child flavor.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Ingredients: Almonds, purified water, turmeric, cardamom, vanilla bean powder, clove, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, honey, Himalayan sea salt.


I was so intrigued when I saw that this was an option!  Not many things come in a horchata flavor, so of course I needed to try it.  

The lovely thickness of the base milk made this reminiscent of classic horchata, sans all the crap you'll usually find in a traditional recipe for it.  The notes of cinnamon were delightful and the coolness refreshing.  I would totally drink this as a nice holiday drink... or honestly as a coffee creamer replacement.  If I drank coffee with cream.  I drink it black, like my soul. ;) 

Rating: 8 out of 10

Ingredients: Almonds, purified water, vanilla bean powder, cinnamon, honey, Himalayan sea salt.

Mexican Cacao

"Hot dang!" is probably the best way to describe my first sip of this baby.  Sarah isn't kidding about her balance of thick cacao with spicy cayenne!  It was like a caress from a chocolate bar with a punch to the gut immediately following.  But ya know, my abs broke the person's knuckles so it was fine in the end.

Sorry, Douchebag Allison needed to have her moment.  She's gone now.

In all seriousness, this flavor is great.  It's by far the richest cacao or generally-chocolate flavored almond milk I've ever tasted and I credit a lot of its quality to the incredible base milk that all of these begin with.  Sarah absolutely nails the "Mexican Chocolate" part with her nice balance of cinnamon and cayenne, too.  I've never been a huge fan of adding spice to my chocolate, just because I'm a sucker for sweet chocolate and if I'm going to indulge I don't really want anything savory about it.  But as far as getting this flavor right, it's spot-on!

Due to my own personal bias against spicy chocolate, my score isn't a perfect one.  But just know that if spicy chocolate is yo' thang, this is the almond milk for you!

Rating: 6 out of 10

Ingredients: Almonds, purified water, raw cacao powder, vanilla bean powder, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, honey, Himalayan sea salt.