Okay, let me first say that I didn't even realize how sales-y this post would look when I made the recipe.  I legitimately just use these products all the time and concocted this recipe to help me relax in the evenings.  Yes, there are a few affiliate links in here, but I promise it was not intended to be that way at all!

That being said, this recipe has been tested with a few different tweaks and I think this is the best one.  The benefits of collagen are numerous to our gut, hair, skin, and joint health.  The vanilla flavor of these specific peptides helps bring out the sweetness in the reishi mix.  Some fat before bed helps to balance hormones and hunger levels.  And reishi is a strain of mushroom that has been coming up a lot this year as beneficial for relaxation

A happy gut, hormone and hunger balance, and relaxation?  Yeah.  Sounds like a bedtime elixir if I've ever heard of one. ;)

Dial-it-down Bedtime Elixir

Prep time: 3 minutes

Yield: 1 serving



  1. Heat the water using the method of your choice (microwave, stove)
  2. Add the packet of Reishi Elixir to the hot water and mix until it is well-incorporated.
  3. Stir the Collagen into the Reishi tea until well-dissolved.
  4. Scoop the ghee into a Nutribullet (or use an immersion blender/traditional blender) and pour the Reishi over it.  Blend for 10 seconds, until foamy, and pour into a mug.  Enjoy before bed to wind down and promote deep sleep and relaxation!