Review of Slenderella® Boost

Okay, I'm writing this with full knowledge of the fact that it sounds campy, untrue, and out of the ordinary from my usual product reviews.

But this stuff is no joke, and I can say that from almost a year's worth of experience working with this brand.

It's time to come out of the closet, baby!

photo by: joy scola, use code "flabstofitness" at checkout for 15% off your boost order!

photo by: joy scola, use code "flabstofitness" at checkout for 15% off your boost order!

This is a liver detox blend, first and foremost.

The creators of this company are near and dear friends and coworkers of mine, and Flabs to Fitness, Inc. as a company was lucky enough to pick them up as our first clients for brand management services.

What does that mean?

Basically, I run their social media, produce the How do you Health? Podcast for them, run their blog, and make sure things are branded properly for the look of the company.

Pretty dang fun stuff... for me, at least.. :)

Not to mention, the owners are just plain COOL.

We dance in the office daily, you'll find the VP doing handstands all over the place, and they just want to spread GOOD.

But also... this product is actually legit.

Is Slenderella® a hoax?

Before my company got involved with these guys, I straight up thought they were full of shit.  No lie.  And I've told them this.

They told me all this stuff about these supplements they were developing, and that they'd be given either by IV or IM Shot - which I was hesitant about.  But I did know absorption would be better if they were given in that way.

So I checked out their facility, and was super impressed by all that Jonathan Mendoza knows.  Dude's got 10+ years' worth of Evernotes full of nutrition research.  Okay, legit.

So I wound up interning with him for a semester.  And dang... there was so much information to be had!  It was incredible to see him train other nurses out of their "traditional" healthcare approaches and instead measure out ccs of taurine, n-acetyle cysteine, and B vitamins.

But most of all: Slenderella® was born.

It was created out of the desire to detox the liver.

But then something awesome started happening: clients using Slenderella® to keep their livers healthy were losing weight.

use code "flabstofitness" at checkout to save 15% on Slenderella® products!

use code "flabstofitness" at checkout to save 15% on Slenderella® products!

How detoxing the liver causes weight loss

So... why the heck was this happening?

When we detox the liver, we're clearing it of all the gunk that it's helped filter out of our body over time.  And yeah, there's a lot of gunk in this modern world.

When the liver is clean - it can finally filter out the natural toxins our body produces.  One of those main toxins is Oestrone.

Oestrone is a type of estrogen, and everyone has it.  This is the form of estrogen that promotes fat gain, and is also produced by fat cells.

So it's basically a self-fulfilling cycle: oestrone promotes fat gain, you gain fat, and that fat makes more oestrone.  And on and on and on.

BUT.  When you detox the liver of daily crap like bad food byproducts, cortisol from stress, and other toxins from things like plastic on our food... it can suddenly address that extra estrogen in our bodies.

It begins filtering out that oestrone.  And by emptying the body of that fat-promoting estrogen, your body finds it easier to let go of some of that extra fat.  And your liver filters that out, too.  Or you begin to burn it for energy.

And suddenly, you're like many of the Slenderella® users who haven't really changed much in their routine but find themselves dropping up to 10 lbs or 2 inches in a month with a regular Slenderella® regimen.

This is not a quick-fix product.

Don't be fooled: this isn't going to solve your bad diet, lack of exercise, or high stress levels.  But it DOES help push you to the next level when you're making these changes in your life.

And you feel freaking AWESOME with it.

So... the Slenderella® Boost is the drink supplement that goes along with Slenderella® shots or IVs, but works swimmingly on its own, too.

It's delicious, gives you a huge B12 hit, and provides a range of other vitamins and minerals so that I'm comfortable calling it a multivitamin drink.

I use it regularly to help clean up my liver... especially when I'm literally paid to drink for the acting company I'm in.

After a drunk show... it's slenderella® boost time.  Use code "flabstofitness" for 15% off!

After a drunk show... it's slenderella® boost time.  Use code "flabstofitness" for 15% off!

My body composition has never been more favorable since incorporating Slenderella® Boost into my life, and many others can attest to that as well. 

The Most Bioavailable Vitamins for Liver Detox

Not only is this stuff delicious and seems to work for me, it actually works for most people.

Most supplements that can be taken orally are not the best form.  They aren't bioavilable for at least half of the population - meaning you can take it, but your body isn't going to use it.

One of the biggest culprits is vitamin B12.  There are 3 forms you'll find in supplements, with the main 2 being cynocobalamin & methylcobalamin.

Cyno- is the most common.  And about half of Americans have this lovely little gene mutation, called the MTHFR gene mutation, that means you can't process cyno- B12 properly. 

You also can't process folic acid, a man-made version of folate, to be used.  And guess what?  Most "folate fortified" foods use folic acid.

There's a reason people refer to the MTHFR gene as the "motherfucker" gene.

So then, you need to look at using a supplement that has methyl- B12 and true folate.  Slenderella® Boost has that.

Not to mention, all the other vitamins & minerals in this "multivitamin drink" are the most bioavailable versions of themselves, too.

Basically, these supps are living their best lives so that you can, too.  May as well spend the money on supplements that actually DO something, right?

Final Review of Slenderella® Boost

I love the flavor and efficacy of this stuff.  It makes you feel great, it uses the most bioavailable form of every vitamin in it, and it's formulated to truly clear out the liver.

The founders of the company are wonderful people seeking to change healthcare.

They are growing rapidly and this company is one to watch if you're into alternative medicine at ALL.

If you're interested in trying some Slenderella® Boost, they ship nationwide in the U.S. and you can use the code FLABSTOFITNESS for 15% off your order.

If you work in a clinic and are interested in giving Slenderella® shots or supplements to your clients, you can find more information on that here.

Rating: 10/10

(or my company wouldn't be working with them.)