So like... what's Biltong?

If you're like me, that's the first thing you thought when you saw the title of this page.

Well... according to the founders of Brooklyn Biltong, it's jerky.  But it's more than that.

It's the specific way that the people of South Africa prepare their jerky: slim-shaved cuts of grass-fed beef, dried just long enough that it still maintains some of its chewiness.

And it's not dehydrated.  It simply air-dries, which helps keep the meat so tender.

They don't use crap ingredients like many jerky companies.  They make a marinade with apple cider vinegar, and preservative-free spices... it's even Whole 30-approved!

And Brooklyn Biltong took this a step further by ensuring all of their ingredients are organic, too.

Brooklyn Biltong was founded by Ben and Emily, and its recipes are based on Ben's memory of his grandfather's recipe that made him the "best biltong maker" in his town. 

When Ben moved to New York, he and Emily met and got married and began being inspired by all that New York had to offer.

After making a huge batch of Biltong as a snack for their wedding reception, their friends always wanted more... and a company was born.

The coolest thing about Brooklyn Biltong is that, since their food is sustainably made, they have decided to give back 10% of their profits in biltong to local charities. 

At the time of this review, they are donating to Chips, who works with City Harvest to bring food to those who have none.

Talk about an awesome way to leave an impact on the world!


Alright... let's get to the actual food.

I tried two flavors from Brooklyn Biltong: their original recipe and their "Zulu Peri Peri," which means "a little bit spicy." 

Let's see what the takeaway was!

Brooklyn Biltong

Original Biltong

This flavor is quite like you'd expect it: tangy, but not hot or sour.  A hint of sweet at the end of chewing it, but not sugary.

While delicious, it's not an unfamiliar flavor... although I've never been able to describe this taste as anything other than "original beef jerky flavor."  

Funny how most jerky brands all have an "original" that basically tastes like this. 

But... Brooklyn Biltong amped this one up.

This is definitely the strongest I've ever tasted said "original jerky" flavor.  

Seriously, it was a burst of seasoning in my mouth with each new bite.

And they only use stellar ingredients: like apple cider vinegar and organic spices.

Do other jerky companies even know what "organic" means?

This is definitely a good starter flavor to show you what the texture difference between biltong and regular jerky is, too.

Rating: 8/10

Zulu Peri Peri (a little spicy) Biltong

I would say this one is a bit more than "a little bit spicy."

But I'm sure as hell not complaining!

The richness of the flavors I mentioned in the Original recipe rings true here, too: there are SO MANY things going on in each bite of this product that I had a hard time keeping up.

I got through the whole bag and at the end, I was still feeling like I had so much more to explore with my taste buds.

This is definitely a sneaky-hot flavor, which is why I said it's a bit more than "a little bit" spicy.  

It starts out seeming like there's no spice at all.

But I was sipping water a long time after the bag was gone to try and calm the flames!

And for me... that's a great thing.  This Texan girl loves her spice. ;)

Definitely a great flavor to add to your order if you like Hot Cheetos, anything with jalapeños, or saying "it hurts so good." 

Rating: 10/10

Final review verdict on Brooklyn Biltong

This company makes an awesome niche product that can't be beat when it comes to quality.

They make sure it's sustainably sourced, of the highest quality possible, and delicious.

AND they donate some of their earnings back to furthering the good they're already spreading in the world.

If you're looking for a healthy, Whole-30 compliant, Paleo, gluten-free, keto, soy-free, sugar-free, preservative-free, dairy-free, WHATEVER snack... definitely grab some of this stuff.  

Your taste buds will thank you tremendously.