What I REALLY think of Beautycounter

I need to be completely honest with y'all on something.

I really, really, REALLY did not want to like this company.

It's so dumb of me to say, but it's true.

Beautycounter is a company that is taking the body products industry by storm.

They seek to change the way people look at what they're putting on their skin, because most of us don't really pay attention to it.

I hated how big they are.

My lucky ass has access to tons of farmer's markets around the Austin area, and I've been a faithful purchaser of local companies' body products for years now.

So when I kept hearing about Beautycounter, this huuuuuuge face wash, body wash, hair care, makeup, and skin care company... I didn't want to listen.  I'd tune it out.

A lot of my blogger friends started hopping on its bandwagon.  And my questioning personality pushed back against it even harder because of that.

But honestly... their company values are actually super solid.

Like, everything is made either with all-natural ingredients OR the synthetic stuff has plenty of research to back up the fact it's safe to use.

And, since they're a big company, they're actually making waves with legislation to pass bills for higher standards when it comes to the ingredients used in our skincare products.

Specifically for me, trying one of their products changed my mind on it.

Let's take a look-see.

Charcoal cleansing bar

This is for sure one of the bestselling products Beautycounter has to offer.  

One of those blogger friends I'd mentioned before who had "hopped on the Beautycounter wagon" sent me a sample of it to try, so I decided to stop being such a scrooge and suck it up for a few days.

What's the worst (best:?) that could happen, right?

Maybe that I'd fall in love with the damn thing.

Acne has ALWAYS been an issue for me.

Since cleaning up my diet, I've seen significant improvement with it.  

I've learned to listen to my body when it does appear nowadays.  I can map on my face what pimples in different areas mean and whether something I ate caused it or something else, like stress.

But there's still always a liiiiiittle bit of some unpredictability with it, no matter how much I pay attention.

Then I tried this bar.

Prior to this, I'd been using the same facial cleanser from a local company that makes all-natural skincare products, and they cleared my face up when I first started using them.

But lately, nothing seems to be working on those little lingering pimples.

I gave up my birth control pill in January and those dang hormonal tracks just kept coming back.

Maybe my skin just needed some charcoal on it.

Maybe my skin had adjusted to 3-ish years of the same wash.

Whatever the case, my skin is now MUCH improved from before.

Obviously this product is still fairly new in my life, but I switched back to my old wash for a few days after several weeks on this Charcoal Cleansing Bar just to test the waters.

I broke out again.

For now, this shit cleans me up.  And I'm extremely grateful for it.

Rating: 10/10

Final thoughts

So... I guess I'm on the bandwagon now?

There are a TON of products in Beautycounter's line, so I guess that means I'll be trying more of them as I run out of the other stuff I typically use.  

I'll update this post as I try those things, but if you want to see all that they have to offer, click here.

They offer some pretty sweet deals on the reg, so if you want to know when they're happening, sign up for the Beautycounter Deals Squad!